MIDI to CV with Ethernet connection module

Alyseum got very interesting concept of distributing copperlan MIDI (tunnelled via WiFi/Ethernet) and finally made it to a very small 4 CV MIDI Interface with Ethernet Connector to the computer – maybe also connected to a tablet pc or ipad.. one system interconnected.

The MS-4 is a companion product for one or several MS-812.

A MIDI input brings versatility for stage or computer-less setups.

Direct control knobs give access to live settings while CV inputs allow dynamic modulation of parameters.


Some Features :

  • Controls up to 8 MS-812 (automatically detected)
  • 32 presets storage in flash memory
  • Preset recall is possible via MIDI
  • Each of the 16 incoming MIDI channels can be directed to mono, poly and drum sections in any MS-812
  • In each target section, the MIDI and the network data are merged automatically
  • The MIDI clock can be sent to one or more MS-812
  • Direct access to monitor and edit the MS-812’s voicing mode, portamento duration, and two freely defined parameters.
  • Four CV inputs can be sent to any MS-812 parameter to be modulated in real time (e.g portamento time, comparator, …)
  • Advanced routing and editing is possible via the CopperLan Manager freeware application
  • Knobs and CV can be sent to any CopperLan or MIDI (CC) destination

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