Eventide H9 Harmonizer – Stompbox re-thunk

they’re stompboxing the H9000? Well, this one is more the preset-kind of thing, but looks like there will be an editor app for ipads, has MIDI and so it might be a good idea and chance to have the quite unhandy H-series Editor (Orville n stuff) to be more usable and touchable, so .. this is a great chance to do it the right way, I did not even see or touch it, so .. one of those things to check out..

Eventide H9 Harmonizer® – Stompbox re-thunk.
in fact it may be sort of a best of collection of SOME Eventide FX?.. here’s some .. „incredible“ video, looks like there’s some knobs on the iPad but not a patchable H-series thingy, anyway cool – it connects via Bluetooth. no wires. musicians do not need those.

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