Mini Portable Studio: Trinity

possibly interesting alternative to laptops on the road: trinity is of course a small computer but it is made for recording in the road and may be a nice addition to record songs somewhere and upload it later to the computer via USB or WIFI. it can be conrolled via touch pad and on screen keyboard, so it’s just like a PDA running linux:

see the touch pad on the right side? here’s a better image
Die Grafik

Portable Publishing

With built-in WiFi (802.11g) for live podcasting and 5 hours of battery life, Trinity is a complete portable audio solution from start to finish.

Bundled Sound Applications

  • Ardour DAW
  • Audacity DAW
  • Amsynth Analog Synth
  • Hydrogen Drum Machine
  • IDJC Internet Radio Station – Portable Podcasting
  • Qjackctrl
  • Qtractor DAW

triggered by Forum – Handheld Recording Studio – Trinitiy

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