MiniSynth Meeblip Anode

This is dangerous.

open up your head for the Rockets and Volcas in the skies? This one is Open Source and therefore meant to be changed – the term here is „hackable“ and means – you can check it out, how does it work? you can check everything including inerds. it’s completely yours and if you are a nerd you can change it or built your own bent anode-successor-something..

it’s simple and I guess I don’t have to say so much about what’s inside –
one OSC with PWM
LFO to OSC or Filter

sounds like this:

btw: Peter „CDM“ Kirn and James Grahame (who made this little Blipsonic thingy, sort of a simplified Tenori-On) are the guys behind Meeblip.

until 3.Dec.2013 with Code „THANKSGIVING“ is 109.95€ – after that 129,95€.

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