Clavia G2 -ebook/Patches: Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space

this is a new ebook focussing on patches and how to patch on the Clavia G2..

yes, the G2 has Delays an Reverbs already, but what can be done with other modules to have „room“ and „space“?..

stereophonic, spectral stereo, pseudo stereo,ambiophonics, phasebrato, complementary Comb Filters, sample delay, can control, Shift register and Multiplexer modules, creating single delay presets, simulating ‚old way‘ delays, basic feedback delay, basic cascading delays, mixer taps, damping, digital comb filters, delay experiments, 8 tap delay architectures,delay matrixes, switchable spaces, resonators,resonator matrixes, swirls, waveguide  reverbs, physical modeling, modulated air pressures

here is how it sounds like..

experimental things..

find it and more here: Modular strategies in shaping reflections and space.

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