Moog Minitaur Revolution 2 enables patch presets and CV to MIDI and routable as well

Moog upgraded the Minitaur to Rev2, that is enough to save 100 patches and jump through them with one key hold as „SHIFT“ key – which is quite clever to handle.
– and Decay and Release now control different things in „one time for decaying envelope“ mode. this works from the panel, no software needed.

the best one is this:

Minitaur’s CV and Gate inputs are now assignable from the Minitaur Editor/Librarian software. The Pitch and Mod CV inputs can be routed to any function, while the Gate input can be routed to functions with on/off behavior. REV 2 also enables Minitaur to effectively function as an intuitive CV to MIDI converter. -> so – 2 CVs and 1 Gate to set up ranging to 5V.

the update is free, so all bass belong to them, as „they“ say at Moog..

btw- that Q25 Keyboard from Alesis was one of the nicer small and MIDI capable Keyboards made (and not too big) – update: seems it is still available

Introducing Minitaur Revolution 2 | Moog Music Inc.

 Neuer Moog für 2012 im Forum..

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