Koma SVF-201 Analogue State Variable Filter Module

First Module by KOMA, euro rack format filter based on vactrols (optical components).  all 3 filter types can be used simultaneously. (or notch when mixed together as known from other modules of this kind like the Oberheim SEM, …)
it has parallel mounted PCBs – can be used in skiffs – total depth is less than 4 cm.

* 4 audio outputs: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, Mix Out
* 1 audio input with attenuator / adjustable gain
* CV input for Cutoff with attenuator
* CV input for Resonance with attenuator
* CV input for Mix Out with attenuator
* The Mix Out attenuator acts as a normalized CV source if nothing is patched into the Select CV input
* Large 30mm, full aluminum knob for Cutoff with white backlight (a jumper on the PCB lets you turn it off)
* Large 20mm, full aluminum knob for Resonance


Size: 12HP (60,60mm)
Interface: 2mm white powdercoated aluminum front plate + silkscreen printing

via Forum: KOMA Elektronik SVF201 Vactrol State Variable Filter

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