Yamaha MX49 / MX61 Rompler

Yamaha introduced a new offspring of the Motif and the downsized MOX series – the 128voice MX49 with smaller keyboard (finally!) and the standard format. USB Editor/MIDI, audio in..

of course this is a rompler and based on workstation style structure like a smaller MO-X , so it’s a lot like the new MM6. But it was and is time to get the idea of keyboards do not need to be larger than 60 keys by default, .. hope to see this on the big models as well, 3.5 Octaves with DX200 Sequencer and 128 Steps would be something to be loveable…

-> im Forum • Yamaha MX49. Schön, dass auch Yamaha langsam auf die Idee kommt, kleinere als 61-Tasten Synths zu erwägen. Vielleicht geht das ja auch mal rauf in die Expertenklasse?

there’s a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MuV7KU0fL94&feature=share&list=ULMuV7KU0fL94 but can not be embedded..

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