Moognase – MS20 Mini – super beautiful Demo Song

Moognase schreibt über seinen Song im Forum: MS20 Mini 1x Multi Timbral, 1 Voice, (2013) Korg MS20Mini Analog Synthesizer 2 OSC, 2 Filter, 1 LFO, 2 EG subtractive analog synthesis, 36 Keys, usb MIDI CV Gate Ctrl, ~500€ (in 2015) continue / weiter..? What Time Is It? Vier Stereospuren: – Bordun mit pulsierenden Obertönen – Melodie (Rechteck mit ein paar komischen Modulationen der beiden Filter; Portamento) – Pulsierender Bass/hoher Piepton, mal mit nur einem, mal mit beiden Oszillatoren – Rauschgenerator mit viel Echo und Hall drauf Das Ganze frei Nase gemixt…

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Classic Synth Specials 

Korg makes the ARP Odyssey

Korg seems to have officially licensed / teamed with ARP. Ok, that company was sold – so don’t know what the situation is and was – but now – they have an Odyssey for us. This year. Since the MS20 Mini is selling well, they look like making the classic synths for us, now? Hopefully shrunken as the Mini and with dynamics? ;) (no irony – I love it). Ok, this sounds a lot like fools day – but this is from the Korg Website! Those keys look a lot…

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Korg MS-20mini vs. MS-20 original

MS20 new and vintage compared roughly.. via: Forum – more videos.. Korg MS20 Mini The Creator of the MS20 Fumio Mieda   more MS20 Mini Videos KORG MS-20mini Control Panel TestingDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen KORG MS-20mini EG2 behaviorDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen KORG MS20 & Doepfer Dark Time SequencerDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen KORG MS-20mini filters Acidlab MIAMIDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen KORG MS20 Beat Distortio & Filter OverdriveDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen

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Korg MS20 Mini kein Fake / new MS20 mini analog synth from Korg is not a fake

the new small MS20 mini is not a fake, it appeared on the Site and it seems analog and unchanged, so it’s all analog and controlled by Hertz/V CV. so it is true, it will come for about the price the original Ms20 was sold.. but… no 800€ is cheaper. BUT IT HAS USB and MIDI! $600 street price they say. MIDI is note on / off but all analogue! -> MS20Mini Analog Synthesizer auf einer Site von Korg Deutschland ltauchten die Daten eines analogen (!) MS20 in Größe des Legacy…

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