Low Frequency Expander Sequential OB6 Steve Hunt Synth 

Yorick LFE – Low Frequency Expander – 3 LFOs & Multi-Hüllkurve für Synths SCI, Korg, Moog…

Der LFE Low Frequency Expander von Yorick – 3 LFOs, Sequencer und eine aufwendige Hüllkurve für OB6 / Prophet 6, Moog, Korg Prologue und generische Controller-MIDI Synths aller Art – und mehr Routings für AT/VEL

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Sequential (Dave Smith) Prophet 6 – very Prophet 5’ish Synth

it’s a lot like the 1x Multi Timbral, 5 Voice, (1978)   Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Analog Synthesizer but with some additions. -> bold – what is different to the P5 the Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, P6 Analog Synthesizer isn’t bad at all. Sounds a bit different but has new filters and OSCs. very hands-on, very easy and intuitive – ok – it is a classic concept so it should be- like the FX in this one. 2 VCOs- morphable wave shapes – PWM – Sync, 6 voices Triangle Sub Generator Slope for „analog“ detuning low & high pass filter velocity /…

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Dave Smith Instruments Pro2 Monosynth – with 4 CV in/outs and paraphonic voice assignment, 2 filters!

FB: – Dave Smith Instruments. come out with a new synth. since P12 and rack and Mopho 4x are out – what could be expected? UPDATE! Its a monophonic Prophet 12 – the Pro 2 with 32 Step Sequencer – it is NOT a P12 repacked – it has 2 filters and more digital waves and the Delays are bucket delay emulations x4. the sequencer allows to RECORD in Step Mode like BS2, Pro One etc.. Originally Posted by Pym (DSI) „To expand a bit on the sequencer: – Step mode that…

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