Sequential (Dave Smith) Prophet 6 – very Prophet 5’ish Synth

it’s a lot like the 1x Multi Timbral, 5 Voice, (1978)   Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Analog Synthesizer but with some additions. -> bold – what is different to the P5 the Sequential Circuits Prophet 6, P6 Analog Synthesizer isn’t bad at all. Sounds a bit different but has new filters and OSCs. very hands-on, very easy and intuitive – ok – it is a classic concept so it should be- like the FX in this one. 2 VCOs- morphable wave shapes – PWM – Sync, 6 voices Triangle Sub Generator Slope for „analog“ detuning low & high pass filter velocity /…

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Arturia iProphet (iOs)

iProphet is the Prophet VS as a virtual Synth on the iPad. It’s more or less likely they bring us what they did on the Mac/PC, so .. here’s the VS 8,99€ the Original: 2x Multi Timbral, 8 Voice, (1986) Sequential Circuits Prophet VS Hybrid Synthesizer 4 OSC, 1 Filter, 2 LFO, 3 EG the App: so if you know the original – this is not something weird, right? .. iProphet TutorialDieses Video auf YouTube ansehen UPDATE: und unser Test noch The Original / Das Original: Sequential Circuits ProphetVS vector,digital Forum: iProphet VS  

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SCI Prophet 600 – new open firmware makes all knobs work as MIDI controllers

this little nerdy project gligli/p600fw · GitHub. provides an update for the Prophet 600 – it is some hardware modification but also updating the internal firmware by a new OS.. it’s not as easy as updating new synths via MIDI, but after all you can control the P600 via MIDI Controllers – so it is a bit like europa for the Jupiter 6 or Covariant for the Jupiter 4.. via Forum: Neue Firmware für Prophet 600    1x Multi Timbral, 6 Voice, (1982) Sequential Circuits Prophet 600 Analog Synthesizer + simple sequencer 2 OSC, 1 Filter, 1 LFO, 2 EGsubtractive analog…

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