Moog Werkstatt – Synth DIY Workshop (at Moogfest)

this little article about a very Volca’istic Moog Werkstatt Analog Synthesizer Coming To Moogfest feels a bit strange but why not making your own gadget at a festival – don’t know if it’s true or not but the name is nice ;)

it’s not much more than one AD Envelope (with sustain), one simple OSC with PWM and Pulse/Saw Waveforms, low pass filter and a least an LFO with 2 wave shapes and a simple „keyboard“ at the bottom (buttons) – since the label is Analog Synth / Moogfest 2014 – it seems to be getting no final product to everyone …

note those output connectors? Looks like the patch field of the Tinysizer

Moog Werkstatt synthesizer

 Moog Werkstatt (built 2014) – Analog Synthesizer

check this video from 7:30 there’s the engineer and the synth ..

Moog Werkstatt Moogfest 2014 Synthesizer Workshop

listen to (one) the Moogfest Song

MoogFest (Why are we not playing at?) by Synthetic Things

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