Mungo 8voice patchable digital modular synth video

this full 8 voice polyphonic modular needs to get attention, and it has a VGA TFT connector that works as a scope (true!). both: CV and MIDI control. 128 memories, all patches can use all modules at always 8 voices. all digital hardware, no DSPs used. 12k$ is quite a price and it’s about the form factor of an Oberheim Xpander – available now! Everything can be saved to ram, incl. patch connections.

and: it’s all at audio rate, so there’s no problem interchanging control & audio (thanks, guys, FM rules!) – this one is quite a cool thing. has FM and PD, 4 filters, distortion/saturation kind of shaper modules pre filter etc.. have a look.

Nicht uninteresant, ich mag solche Nerds wie den Typen. Die haben schon so schräges Zeugs gebaut und achten nicht so sehr auf „Markt“ und das hab ich lieb. -> Im Forum im NAMM Thread und extra

Mungo Modular Synth

via Sonic State – News (Video Item) WNAMM10: Mungo Digital Modular Polysynth, State Zero – massive modular polysynth.

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