Musikmesse 2007 Impression

New at Musikmesse 2007 Frankfurt

Moog Voyager,

Roland VSynth GT
new made it: Waldorf Stromberg Mockup
Tiefenrausch by 3Lab (never made it – but Mode Machines did it later)
Arturia Origin – is now no longer available – a very flexibel digital modular synth – 24 modules plus synths like CS80, ARP 2600 etc.
Nord Wave does Sampling
Korg R3 and M3 – both no longer available today.
Macbeth M5 Analog Synth
newly shown – John Bowen Solaris Synth 4 OSCs. HiEnd. Made by SonicCore/Creamware
and Waldorf Blofeld – the post Q Synth – with Wavetables of Q and Microwave XT but no chance to edit them. still available 11 years later.

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