Natural Synthesizer (Paia)?

the „natural“ Synthesizer.. Kind of Art Show? here

Photo of part of BCA Installation

the original text:

I based the birds on a circuit originally developed by John Simonton, Jr. He’s the driving force behind Paia, (ps: an died this year) who have been making synthesizer kits for 30 years now. I added a section to his original design so that the birds would be quiet more of the time, and also their songs would vary more. I did it by modulating the supply voltage, a popular circuit-bending trick. One bird chirps more frequently, sometimes sounding like a seagull. The other bird sings less frequently, but it has a long graceful warble like something that likes to stay hidden deep in the forrest. Every once in a while, one of them makes an odd noise, sometimes a gasp and sometimes a ringing cell phone.

Underneath the tree branches, the Natural Synthesizer sits on top of a bright blue speaker, surrounded by branches and draped in vines. The synthesizer’s noise is more constant. There’s a rushing, gurgly part, like a nearby brook that you can’t quite see, and a gentle whistle that fades in and out very quietly, like an old radiator. In addition, every once in a while the synthesizer makes a sharp thunk. It was hard to adjust the thunks, because they’re so infrequent you get bored of waiting. As I was working on the piece, I’d get worried, I hadn’t heard one in 15 minutes. Just as I was about to adjust it to happen more often, it would thunk three times in a minute. So you might have to wait a long time to hear that! And the longer you stay, the more you’ll hear in the piece. This one goes a lot deeper than I got to before

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