new korg stuff soon..

there is a counter on the korg site, so 2morrow I will post what it is.. ;)

they are:
– radias synth / vocoder ,very much like a new ms2000 .. 32 step seq? pcm wave also? here are some (lets say rumours) .. formant waveforms, noise and ring modulation, and classic PCM waveforms. dual-filter. so it looks very much like ms2000 – al1 (oasys VA) combi offspring synth..
and bigger:

– new FX series
katzendarm fx??

-new controllers (looks not so interesting)
pad controller (that one looks cool) 2D pad plus pads.. very nice!!
check the larger pic! and see roll and flam!! say, what does that say?
electribe as software can be done with THIS one!!!.. what do you think?? ok it is a roll/flam tool to be used with the pads.. but just a thought.. korg software had only one problem: after releasse I doubt it will last longer than the latest OS version.. so if it works with 10.4 will it work with 10.5?.. we don’t know..
but this controller is cool.. add this to the electribes or use it to input full veloctiy beats.. but we need a new tribe then ;) preis/price 285.-
– micro synth called microX like x50 , triton based 64MB PCM rom sounds, 2 octaves:
the first workstation kind of rompler to be taken on tour!!!…
and x50, looks like this 64 MB PCM workstation 5 octaves:

some upgrades like T1 rom sounds for digital legacy (m1 + wavestation), MOSS board for triton (Z1!) option for free and 88 keys TR version (not something to wonder about..)

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