Akai MPC Renaissance + MPC Studio

The new MPC loads any MPC format, looks like the MPC5000 but with 16 pots and 16 pads, has access to the computer – it’s not as clear as it should be – is it hybrid or is it hardware with special access? – well it can do everything the MPCs (any of them) can do, there is (so they say) analog filtering and it’s realtime based, so it may not have TR-style sequencing (still) – the software looks a bit like a DAW and „they“ say it also integrates will with a standard DAW,.. so let’s have a look at NAMM if you’re there..

aaand there is a smaller one which is very much the MPC1000 as „maschine“ kind of hybrid controller – The MPC Studio (pics are here)

NAMM 2012: Akai MPC Studio

some talk about it (not much to see but worth listening to)

NAMM 2012: Akai MPC Renaissance Exclusive Insight

some hands on booth action kind of stuff is in here – they’re talking about the Pad Velocity Curves and display and layout in here. not much to learn, but interesting what they ask over there – I’d first ask for TR-style programming, then TR step programming and then, of course TR step programming ;) – and not to forget about a COOL Slicer..

Akai MPC Renaissance booth part 4 - NAMM 2012

Introducing the next generation of Akai Pro MPC – The Akai MPC Renaissance.

Introducing MPC Renaissance


im Forum:  MPC Renaissance 2012

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