new Synthesizer sections on

„british synthesiser“ section:
EDP + OSCar now have their own section.. again : new pictures up (wasp deluxe), EMS: added lots of stuff here! like synthi E, HiFli etc.

ensoniq is a real section now (english „one in 2 sections“, german is only one section)
(D) Ensoniq is jetzt in einer einzigen section, nicht mehr teil der specials ecke, weil es unlogisch war.

another big update on lots of sections: akai, Yamaha (cs30l), Korg, Roland, TR/CR Section (…)

strange things added to Drummachines: (..)

(D) Apple und Software Sektion angepasst und extra im Men oben whlbar..

– sections new instead of „Drumcomputer“ (still to be edited) – changed: Yamaha, Waldorf – E-Mu, Akai
Curtis Chip List: all CEM types update

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