no news news IIXVLII fast forward autumn 2016

Ok, time to send some music and little nice news out..

1) Zibra is a cool guy

Modular synth Jam Wasted Days

he always was – look for the term „look mum, no computer“ ;)

2) Tim Exile has made something (free) for us – Slow (freezing any audio stream) – is quite self explanatory, so I just mention it
(Deutsche Info hier)

Tim Exile - S L O W - Reverb for sloths

3) this is some nice female voice synthpop which is just nice: Kanga – something upcoming (from LA btw.)

4) and this project impressed my by it’s nice imagery: Genesis 2bTruman (that name didn’t impress me as much as the images do) -> Genesis Computer Synthesizer – Superhirn für Musik
genesis-13731054_312659285742808_3660182632009068349_o genesis-14066348_327362660939137_2543079394200328510_o genesis-14520336_343734979301905_444654364759539750_n

right – it’s the time of post-Roland-Behringer-AppleMacbook awaiting Maschinenfest prequelililility. time to make music or get mad, or matt, Matt Smith. ask the docta..

time for a number
5) Ralf Hildenbeutel – Spark is very electronic but floating through acoustic vibes and gets back to electronics again – in a very good way. enjoy this:

(ich sehe, es gibt ein Interview mit ihm hier).

6) I am not a number!
7) don’t call me Dave. Nenn mich nicht Dave.
8) Le Grami

GRAMI- L'histoire probable de la musique électronique.

9) (Zoé) Zanias did a tour

Zanias-synapse (DeathDisco Athens 11-06-2016)

10) expect some turkey-related-stuff like synthgiving for cheaper synths in autumn – especially software will be offered cheaper within those super american black fridays and blue & cyber mondays.. don’t tell me I didn’t warn you but I won’t post too much about it – watch the forum etc. – trumpet or george clinton?

UPDATE – it goes to eleven!

11) Well – Behringer is the 1st to control their analog synth by cyber stuff – VR glasses and augemented reality editor for the DM12.

Behringer DeepMind 12 Augmented Reality Launch - Sheffield

Der Nerd spricht dies: DeepMind 12 – Analoger Behringer Synthesizer 2016 – braucht der Mensch mehr #Cyber beim Klangbau?

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