Oberheim makes SEMs with MIDI again?

Tom Oberheim and the new SEM from stretta on Vimeo.

referring to

New SEM from Tom Oberheim (from Matrixsynth)

there’s a nice pic of a new MIDIfied SEM by the real Tom Oberheim – and this empty page http://tomoberheim.com/

here’s the image from matrix, who got it from http://www.alt-mode.com

(did not find it there so far). anyway – what is a SEM, Synthesizer Expander Module Analog Synthesizer?)

this is one of the best and sweetest sounding synths ever, can’t do much, but has filter „morph“ – they say, it’s below $1k, don’t know what that means in €. but looks great. my advice: speed up the LFO  (change cap).

and also asume it it almost modular – as the old one was. perhaps another version?..


om Oberheim plant neuen Synth – Diskussion im Forum (deutsch)…

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