one more thing.. new Intel Macs

today: Apple Keynote.. let’s see what will be todays „one more thing“..?
mal sehn,was Steve Jobs auf der Expo heute vorstellt?..

KEYNOTE starting..
1) a nice Linux (yellow dog) for OSX.. no apple product.
2) OSX 10.44 up, ilife 2006 also new..
3) Photocasting works with iPhoto but only with .mac so it is of no importance for us, iweb – new web design soft for beginners (click and built websites and podcasts stuff..)
4) iMac is the first intel mac, unveilled!! first DRM mac along with that.. but maybe not as bad as vista locks people up? .. harhar – its
Intel Core Duo. 2-3x faster (schneller) als//as iMac G5.
specs see comment – specs siehe kommentar.

pro apps will be upgradable for $49 in one go (logic, final cut etc..) -> march!! (märz)

5) ALL Macs will be INTELized till end this year.. no powerbooks?

wow!! – 5 times faster than predessessor!!.. and thinner..
15.4″ screen – PRICE: 1999 US$ Core Duo 1,67Ghz – big one: 1,83Ghz 2499 US$. – feb 2006 release date!

macbook pro

odd things:
no FW800! they dropped it!..
they have express card instead of pcmcia, so maybe no RME audio card working on that PB?..
if so .. bad luck.. and: there is no software that works with intel code atm, so this will be like the OS X release: takes 1-2 years till you get all those plugins and software for normal work.. or need to run it on rosetta.. not the best idea to buy one if you make music.. too early.. check your software first!!

expected: 4k display and HD final cut .. not shown but new MacBooks (remember the new name!! Powerbook = non-Intel)..
no info about 10.5 „Leopard“ so far.. at the moment jobs talks about business stuff and sold ipods..

live update – > forum..

nice link about macexpo news

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