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Ross sent me the following list of one synth only CDs. I put the ones available via Amazon on the right section of the site under CDs. BTW I previously had CDs, DVDs and Books all in the same section. I decided to break it out so it’s easier to parse. If anyone knows where you can get the other CDs let me know and I’ll update the list. For now I just created artist links, so what you’ll find will be hit and miss.

Morton Subotnick
– Silver apples on the moon
– Touch

Pauline Oliveros
– Electronic works
– Alien Bog/ Beautiful Soop

Douglas Leedy
– Electronic Zodiac

EMS Synthi/ Synthi 100 EMS
– Douglas Lilburn – Complete Electro Acoustic Works
– University of Melbourne – Electronic Music
– Cor Fuhler – Whistlelight
– New Zealand Electronic Music
– Greek Electronic Music 1
– Thomas Lehn – Feldstärken

Serge Modular Synthesizer SERGE
– Warren Burt
– Sketches of Scenes and Seasons
– Studies for Synthesizer
– Harmonia Mundane
– Bobo The Clone

ARP 2600 ARP
Dub Taylor – Lumiere

ARP2500 – Eliane Radigue


ClickClick EDP Wasp (A Lot of Tracks)

FM Synthesis Pioneer
John Chowning – Turenas

Div. Synth
-I can offer some Tracks made one just one Synth like Ereigniswelt 2 – WALDORF Microwave XT 10 voices, Klinik Room 5 – ROLAND Roland SH5 and Gridlock – WALDORF Waldorf Q, Future – ALESIS Alesis Andromeda A6, the Click – ENSONIQ ESQ1 on my Music Site, and some more.. and some tracks on the synthDB.. of course.

Moog Modular MOOG
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