one thought about LFOs..

well, lots of you want fast LFOs in new synthesizers, you are right.. thats why I have this list telling you some fast ENV or LFO synths..

bbbut: hey, LFO stands for LOW frequency OSCILLATOR .. so in fact you would want a modulation osc that is fast and slow, so you may want 2 or 3 range switches to have fine ranges from about some minutes to some kHz or simply Audio-OSC-speed.

thats why this site will use the term Modulation OSC , Audio OSC instead of LFO on newer articles. since this is the time of modular and digital synths and also cool new analogue synthesizers (yes, analog – just like the “gue”) that do not necessarly need to split up the OSCs.. in fact they are only a bit different.. if it’s about tech I am aware of more DSP power an audio OSC may need also the update speed should be higher. but it also brings in a more modular way of OSCs .. means: there is no difference if it is a mod or audio osc and and they can be set up as they like..

imagine 10 OSCs in a synthesizer.. you can freely decide how to use them.. maybe it still makes sense to have mod oscs..