Prodyssey with Keyboard

Slightly „modded“ – in this case added a keyboard to it and changed the colours of the sliders makes some people happy…

just one note about duophony – this is different in actually playing it, you can play 2 oscillators with ringmodulation and sync which controls the harmonics at least, sonically. thats the aspect the ASB can’t do, but it is in fact polyphonic. most of it sounds great, but the sync-sounds sound different from the original, nevertheless the best emulation if it, like the other ASB Synths – a shame they do no longer sell it. they were all great and – to be honest – better than more VAs on the market. ok, they did a bit too much on keeping it the original shape like the ADSR could be doubled to have a better repsonse on filter and amp – or maybe a nice multimode filter? — still don’t forget – these synths are great. if you want that technology there’s one choice today: Solaris. same technology.


Dave Formula & Custom Prodyssey

the text refers to his words in this video..

Dave Formula's Custom Prodyssey

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