QuNeo Controller controlling Ableton – sort of chase light sample position sequencer in here

if you’ve been following Keith McMillens new QuNeo Controller it looks a lot like it is all based on Max/MSP (hard to handle but..) there have been sequencers for Monome doing almost the same – following a clip referring to the position and showing it via the Pads quite similar to a TR808 or Electribe kind of sequencer – mosly limited to 16 or 32 steps (unfortunately) but this one looks promising – just because those slides are colour coded and may show the position later and jump when one 16-bar clip was played and there is still more..

so enjoy this as a preview..

QuNeo & Ableton Live Performance

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for the write-up!
    Just wanted to clear some stuff up: all of our demo videos have been made using ableton live…. There is one max for live sampler in this video, but mostly we’re using follow actions and midi feedback to light the quneo, and midi to control live! QuNeo is actually quite easy to set up in live… Also, with our grid mode functionality, each pad on the quneo can send 4 different midi triggers (every corner), making sequencing much more dynamic and exciting!

    Matt @ KMI

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