2 Projects introduced – Raspberry Pi running Pure Data / Parallella for audio multi threaded/core operation – platform

This is the small raspberry PI Computer, which is nerdy as hell, but a very nice chance to get even a synth to work with this project – didn’t know it was fast enough so – here’s a demo of it

strange, that guy wrote on his Remote XL instead of using the display, but he’s more clever than I am, since he knows how to handle this:

first session with the Raspberry Pi running Pure Data. I’m running Pd 0.44 (test version) with „-nogui -noadc -alsa“ flags + a budget USB audio device, and a Novation ReMOTE ZeroSL as the midi device. Raspberry Pi OS is Raspbian “wheezy.” Note, I’m running from the command line, not from inside the X window system (performance with GUI seems more likely to glitch, at least with my first tests). I did not try headphone jack for audio given initial reports were not good (and presently I’m unable to test HDMI audio).

Pd 0.44 here: pure-data.git.sourceforge.net/git/gitweb-index.cgi

I used notes from Miller Puckette sent to the Pd-list (check September 8 & 9, 2012) and some info. fromlog.liminastudio.com/programming/running-puredata-on-the-raspberry-pi to get things going.

DR-OM Pd patch from protoDROM version (Processing+ libPd) available at github.com/s3g/protodrom

DR-OM code for Fluxama iOS app: github.com/fluxama/Drom
DR-OM ready-to-go for iOS: itunes.apple.com/us/app/dr-om/id555409573?mt=8

as you see he’s working on it on a low level (command line) which is hell to do but seems to work, so it seems to be needed to gain enough power from the PI to operate and work glitch free. 

Raspberry Pi running Pure Data w/ DR-OM patch from Shawn Greenlee on Vimeo.


btw: did you have a look at this nice idea of multiple core computing?http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ada … r-everyone

it tells about a very interesting (for developers and everyone interested – a new platform to work on including AUDIO) called Parallella which seems to also be capable to have multiple processors sharing audio latency free or multithreaded to those cores – you may know, that this is not as simple with AU/VST on any OS today, so these guys are doing a cool job.

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