foam midimutant Synth 

Midimutant – Random Patches & Evolution of Sounds

Die Maschine denkt sich was aus, und kennt den Synth nicht – Egal was für eine Struktur, diese kleine Open-Source-Software auf einem Raspberry Pi ist in Zusammenarbeit mit Richard D. James (Aphex Twin) entstanden und erzeugt Reihen von Patches auf einem dem Gerät nicht bekannten Synth per MIDI SysEx Änderungen und hört sich den Klang an (ernsthaft) und erzeugt so lange neue Kinder, die ähnlich klingen, so es nicht total abweicht vom Ur-Sound. Es ist also nicht einfach nur beliebig-zufälllig. this open source machine on a Rasp∏ and software (Aphex Twin…

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Synth-Telegram mixed Synth & Audio news – processing (in a way) + gear-stuffs!

1) first – here’s a nice video of Devo – the Synth Lab 2) Soundcraft has just released a new analog mixer that is able to import 22 input channels to a computer AND does analog processing and has built in Lexicon and dbx FX to be connected via USB. The Signature MTK (for multitrack rec.) as Milla would say: mul-ti-pass! Soundcraft Signature 22 Mtk   3) there is a new Raspberry Pi „mini computer“ that is about 4 times faster than the one before – that makes it more interesting for…

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2 Projects introduced – Raspberry Pi running Pure Data / Parallella for audio multi threaded/core operation – platform

This is the small raspberry PI Computer, which is nerdy as hell, but a very nice chance to get even a synth to work with this project – didn’t know it was fast enough so – here’s a demo of it strange, that guy wrote on his Remote XL instead of using the display, but he’s more clever than I am, since he knows how to handle this: first session with the Raspberry Pi running Pure Data. I’m running Pd 0.44 (test version) with „-nogui -noadc -alsa“ flags + a…

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