RecoSynth BANANEIRO (Analog Synthesizer; DIY)

Recosynth –BANANEIRO Features sind/are

  • 4 VCOs
  • midi to CV
  • 2x 24Db VCF
  • 2x LFOs
  • Uad LFO
  • Wave Freaker
  • 2x VCA
  • 2x ADSR
  • Ring Mod
  • Sample n’ Hold + Noises
  • mixer
  • analog delay
  • fuzz
  • chorus
  • tube V.U.
  • mini Oscilloscope
    ps: „BANANEIRO“ because is has banana jacks (wegen der Bananenstecker/Buchsen)

this guy did and made it – based on yusynth (who created the Arturia line)

reco synth

Sounds like this (audio demos@ Soundcloud)

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