Roland Aira Updates… more control / added details

AIRA | Roland updates all 4 Aira devices –

there are – double memory VT3 (6 instead of 3)

all pitches can be MIDI controlled via MIDI in VT3 – same of other Airas since they all weren’t responsive to MIDI recording (they could only be played via MIDI).

quality and sensitivity optimization for VT3 recognition / processing
and responds to MIDI CCs – Audio Level via USB controllable

roland system1_SH101

TB3 gets library function for dumping via USB and back
assign sound to pattern – not just pattern OR sound.
easier performance (transpose without holding keyboard-key down)
quick look at patterns without erasing new ones (for checking where to save them)
larger range of notes & transposition
MIDI recording from ext. MIDI source (!!)
MIDI can control slide and accent and scatter on/off

TR8 almost same depth of improvements like TB3 – more CC controllable, MIDI remote control and recording / playing
kits hold level adjustments
rest : see TB3
scatter auto off after 1 pattern has played – much more practical
MIDI can chance sound kits remotely
accent setting – adjusts range of velocity sens.
some details on commands and behaviour of start/stop – sending / receiving Controllers etc. incl FX control via MIDI

System 1
you’ve already heard – it has it’s first SH101 plugout synth built in, that is running on the system 1 itself but also offers plug in control and memory via computer – so it’s an SH1 or a system 1 plus plug in on computer.

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