Roland System 1 Synth: SH-101 PLUG-OUT SYNTH in Camden Town, 26 Jun 2014 7:00 PM HMF

just a short message on the non-buyable Roland Aira System 1 (so far) – to hit the press for their second synth the SH101 emulation tomorrow: World Premiere – SH-101 PLUG-OUT SYNTH in Camden Town, HMF – 26 Jun 2014 7:00 

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here is how it looks like and how the layout is done:



UPDATE: Video:


what they say – it has 2 envs and comes with the System1..

– Two envelope sections allow different settings for VCF and VCA while maintaining the option of classic SH-101 envelope behavior.
– Reverb, chorus, delay and crusher effects that were not included in the original.
– Run as many instances as your computer can handle.
– Use SYSTEM-1 as a dedicated USB keyboard controller with lighted knobs and sliders that show only available parameters.
– PLUG-OUT with SYSTEM-1 lets you take an authentic SH-101 wherever you go, from mobile production to live performance.
– Transfer sounds between SYSTEM-1 and SH-101 with PLUG-OUT
– Supports Macintosh and Windows, and AU and VSTi formats.

* SH-101 PLUG-OUT Software Synthesizer (not available for sale) is available free of charge to SYSTEM-1 owners. Please use the coupon included in your product package to download free of charge.

those guys on the event – talking
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the logo
roland system1_SH101

System 1

4 Voice, (2014)
Roland System 1 Digital Synthesizer

1 Voice, (1982)

Roland SH101 Analog Synthesizer

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