RSF Synthesizer FRENCH ANALOGUE SYNTHS Special – RSF Kobol / Polykobol

French Synthesizer RSF – FRENCH ANALOGUE SYNTH RSF Kobol / polykobol
the RSF Kobol Expander I and II –

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RSF Kobol Expander
RSF Kobol Synthesizer

the blackbox (with poly synth sound, but not much more) and the polykobol

French Synthesizers since 1970 by
Ruben & Serge Fernandez
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-polykobol: rare 1979 – 8voice, only 30 have been made, 32 mems , hardware: 3×6809, sequencer (8tracks), 2x8voices=16 VCOs, noise, tape recorder for storage on board (!!), LFO, 2 VCOs, LPF 24dB/okt., vca, velocity resp. KB 5oct.,aftertouch,arp’er, polymod section.
-kobol: 200 have been made in 1978, 2 VCOs:triangle, square, saw, pulse:variable sweep, sync, LFO(triangle, square), Glide, VCF LPF 24dB/Oct. with 2 ADS envs, VCA ADS env

the most known RSF KOBOL from 1979 (1000 made) 2 VCOs, sync,Filter 24dB/Oct., noise ,1 voltage processor, LFO, interesting sound: some sort of „hard feeping ARP“.

the successor (200 made) kobol 2 had:Voltage Processor,LFO,Gate Delay, Ring Modulator, Mixer, ADSR env, S/H,Noise (white only), Env Follower, VCA, so its a ring mod while the noise was reduced to just white noiseRSF
rsf kobol keyboard
RSF Kobol Synthesizer
RSF Kobol Synthesizer
RSF Kobol Synthesizer
rsf blackbox and expander
RSF Kobol Synthesizer