XILS V+ – Roland VP330 Vocoder emulated..

XILS a vocoder by Xils – which is basically the ex-Arturia guy Xavier Oudin. He is well known for interesting emulations of synths and now more open to fx and vocoders.. (you may know the EMS, Synthex, Polykobol and more..) Vocoder – Synthesizer Wiki – info the VP330 as inspiration for the new V+ plugin

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PolyKobol Software from XILS – PolyKB

I hear, that there is a new XILS Lab- Synth in the making modeled after the 8 Voice (2x Multi)RSF Polykobol , Polykobol II, Polykobol 2Analog Synthesizer (1982) , quite exotic idea to check those RSF synths, but since Mr Oudin is from France and his Debut in Synths, a very EMS-ish synth wasn’t bad at all one can expect something sooner or later.. src: Sequencer Synthesizer Forum • Thema anzeigen – Kobol fiese möpp. and Facebook via embedded Video of the Polykobol.. looks like this: two aliasing-free morphing oscillators: from…

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RSF Synthesizer FRENCH ANALOGUE SYNTHS Special – RSF Kobol / Polykobol

French Synthesizer RSF – FRENCH ANALOGUE SYNTH RSF Kobol / polykobol the RSF Kobol Expander I and II – check out more RSF Synths.. RSF Kobol Expander the blackbox (with poly synth sound, but not much more) and the polykobol French Synthesizers since 1970 by Ruben & Serge Fernandez find more infos and pics here KEYS: -polykobol: rare 1979 – 8voice, only 30 have been made, 32 mems , hardware: 3×6809, sequencer (8tracks), 2x8voices=16 VCOs, noise, tape recorder for storage on board (!!), LFO, 2 VCOs, LPF 24dB/okt., vca, velocity…

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