Russian Synthesizers + Czech Minimoog

russian polyvoks synth

russiathe CCCP synth section
strange sort of „poly800“ type russian Synth.. the
junost 21 and polyvoks
did you know that ataka stands for Attack ;-) ?
(its the last 3 sliders: the Envelope)

ok, the one below is the best know russian synth the polyrock POLYVOKS. it’s sound is nice and quite fat, can be said it is some kind or russian pro one / odyssey ;) but wit hthe worst keyboard ever seen ;) – this one is not a bad sounding cheapo! it is a real good sounding analogue synthesizer, 2 VCOs, 24dB/oct. LPF filter and LFO, quite fat and interesting filter but possibly not for those with too soft ideas in mind ;)some info & audios at bernies site

—> click the polyvoks to enlarge image..–>

the best russian synth to really recommend is the polyvoks, bad keyboard but some sort of a russian pro one.. well.. something like this..

want another cool russian synth names that seem to be cool: altair, the polyvoks of course and aelita.
the polyvoks and altair are sort of russian minimoogs ;)

the aelita is a very powerful synth,, its buttons remind a bit of old TV programme switches..

click pics to enlarge..

Junost 21
Polyvoks by Polyrock
polyrock POLYVOKS
Formanta EMS01
formanta russian synth
formanta russian synth ems01
Aelita – sort of Moogish, fat Sound..
aelita synthesizer
a russian sh101? the Maestro
maestro synthesizer
russia synthesizer industry
the Kirovski Ritm 2
Kirvoski Ritm2 Synthesizer
click to enlarge Ritm-2
not russia but ex eastern block..
CZ – tech answer to the minimoog? it has S/H controls in every section : vca, vcf, vco..
lpf filter and very minimoog design..


antares synthesizer

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