The new Technos – Acxel II in 2008?

Nearest launching of the Synthesizer – Acxel II

Looks like they got another atempt to re-release Technos Acxel

Press Release
Quebec, Canada – on March 26, 2008: Idarca-audio division of Idarca Inc. is proud to announce the nearest launching of the synthesizer Acxel II – which makes profitable the original Acxel legacy (early 90’s) and of a revolutionary dynamic architecture parallel processor – patented by Idarca – the RPP. With its unique characteristics, Acxel II will set new standard of real time synthesis and audio processing.

Acxel II proposes 3 synthesis modes (with integrated sound processing):
Acxelink made up of cells (256 to 1280) independently parametrical: Amplitude, Frequency, Phase, Filter, Waveform. Cells-cells links, signal Inputs integration and processing and many other characteristics including macros.
Additive synthesis
Analog synthesis

Acxel II integrates unique functions on sound resynthesis and processing with full scalability:
Real TIme Resynthesis:
The Acxelink and Additive modes allocate without compromise a complete access in real time to all elements (Envelope, Midi, Modulation) of a timbre, created from scratch or configured with Analysis (integrated into the system).

Open architecture: Acxel II allows, in real time, to introduce external sounds (for example a guitar) into the synthesis elements, for simple effects or extended processes or sound fusions.

Scalable: The Acxelink mode integrates all of the elements to emulate and combine existing or original synthesis modes: Physical modeling, Wave Tables, FM, Wavelets, Vocoder, etc.

Acxel II will be available in 2 versions:
Acxel II – PCI: Sound Card (PCI) with software PC/MAC
– Deliverable in 4 to 6 months.

Acxel II – SAS: Stand Alone System with “preset? use for scenic performances or in Workstation (with PC or MAC)
– Deliverable in 8 to 12 months.

Touch Sensitive Graphic console available in option
– Deliverable in less than 12 months.

For more information on Acxel II:

My Quesitons: What the hell is „analog synthesis??“.. I only know subtractive synthesis, FM, PM etc..

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