Curetronic Modular

from germany

Sequencer by Curetronic, 8 Step
info PDF
it consists of 4 Modules:

1) Sequencer itself with 8 Knobs, Reset, ext. and int. Trigger, CV + Gate out (V/Oct, V-trig)
2) extra Module for Mutes and Gate „length“
3) another for LEDs
4) the pulse out module itself.. see pdf

this is a modular system that started as DIY kits first..

there are interesting modules like the steiner parker filter,
a simple step sequencer for triggers, clock divider, VCOs with sync and FM input

and: very cheap (means: GOOD and cheap)..
moog size or formant (german modular system) 5 or 6 HE

you can also order your custom format – they will do it..

even a midi interface with 8 CVs is available..

random noise generator, quad LFO (2 different ones, one CV controlable)

some interesting modules.. check their site..

–> curetronic system on messe 2005

curetronic clock sequencer

Modular System

curetronic modular synthesizer

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