Sequencers and Amplifier Modules for SYNTHOR: Video Demos

Percussa are in the middle of improving their audio cubes and add some software – that make Sequencers and Amplifier Modules for SYNTHOR.

those cubes can „modulate“ each other, so to speak they got CV/Gate added to their interface since they can control oscillator pitch in can result in FM sounds, here’s some demos..

to be honest, I don’t exactly know what is happening exactlty in these videos, but it seems they really modulate pitches and therefore we here FM sounds changing to another spectrum when a cube is moved, turned or added / removed.. (Parts 1, 3-4)

vertical cubes seem to add an oscillator, so each cube represents an oscillator, vertical oscs add and are being modded.. (Part 3/4)
horizontal cubes seem to start sequence(r)s (Part 2)

Parts 1-4

Audiovisual Modular Synth: Synthor (Demo 3, Part 1)

Audiovisual Modular Synth: Synthor (Demo 3, Part 2)

Audiovisual Modular Synth: Synthor (Demo 3, Part 3)

Audiovisual Modular Synth: Synthor (Demo 3, Part 4)

The real Description is this:

Synthor is a modular synthesizer application made for the audiocubes.

Every cube represents a module of a modular synthesizer and is color
coded: green
cube (oscillator), blue cube (sequencer), purple cube (amplifier) and
the red cube (output cube).

To remember which sides of the cube are the outputs and which ones are
the inputs, there’s an L-shaped sticker at the top of every cube. The
L-shape indicates the 2 outputs of the cube.

The red cube is the output cube, and a network of cubes can be built
around this output cube. By adding/removing cubes, synth modules are
added and removed. The signals of the synth module (cube) in the network
flow from the output of the cube to the input of the other cube next
to it.

The sequencers (blue cube) have CV and gate outputs, and can control
the pitch of an oscillator (green cube), and trigger the amplifier
module (purple cube).

There is also a specific feature added to the sequencers modules (blue
cubes). The sequencers (blue cubes) can modulate amplifiers (purple
cubes) even if the blue cubes are not directly next to the purple
cubes. The sequencers can send their gate signals across 2 cubes
(i.e. they have a range of two cubes), reaching the purple cube (the
amplifier module) so it can open and close when the gate is high or

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