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Joseph Brandstetter has contacted the Hall of Electric Pianos with some exciting news. In case you didn’t know, Mr. Brandstetter was a friend, colleague and confidante of the late Harold Rhodes, and he now owns the Rhodes trademark for musical instruments and electric pianos.

He is now in the process of developing a new range of Rhodes pianos, in collaboration with some of the world’s finest engineers and Rhodes specialists. Much of the information so far is confidential, but Mr. Brandstetter has confirmed that the new instruments will:

– be true electromechanical pianos, based on Harold Rhodes‘ design
– mechanically follow (with improvements) the most recent production Rhodes, the Mk V
– be fitted as standard with MIDI
– be lighter, more roadworthy and more portable than any previous production Rhodes
– be available in 73- and 88-note versions
– offer many new features
– have a striking visual presence, while obviously remaining a „genuine Rhodes“

Having spoken to Mr. Brandstetter in person, I am convinced that we will see a new production Rhodes again soon, and that it will be the instrument for which many of us have been waiting much too long.

Simon Beck
January 17, 2005

Simon’s Hall of Electric Pianos

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