Stepp Guitar Synthesizer

Stepp Guitar Synthesizer  feels like to be an amazing thing,..–> The Stepp guitar « Simmonsmuseum’s Blog

Kate Bush talked about it – and using it in Experiment IV („the sound that kills some1“) with Fairlights etc. – well – if it’s rom sounds or something in here..? don’t know but might be plus filtering or/and controlling synths..

here’s a demo in italian..

Stepp Guitar Synthesizer DG-1

he tells about controlling the filter which also are nice in the 1st video, in’nt? sounds analog, thoo..
and this one … as well, huh? yes, this is a synth and it feel like it might be the most interesting one so far..
just listen, even if you don’t understand italian, ..

here’s another approach the Synthaxe – but sounds like anything you already know, huh?

Allan Holdsworth playing his SynthAxe

and yes, it is historic..

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