Studio Electronics Code

via Matrix 8:08 PM & on Novamusik.

New Sinewave Generator features. Each voice now has a sinewave on oscillator 1 expanding the sound possibilities of the synth.

One of the key new features on the CODE is the Filter Control section, which allows you to sweep through all the filter types in real time with complete MIDI control. The switches in the Filter Control section give momentary control of assignable parameters.

The Filter Control Section allows you to:

• Sweep through all the filter types in real time.
• Increase or decrease the filter frequency.
• Increase the envelope amount.
• Increase the resonance amount.
• Filter ENV Delay.
• Invert the filter envelope.
• „CUT“ Filter Decay.
• Works on the CODE synth engine or external input.

Filter Code Sequences for the filtertables:

SEM LP = 1
SEM BP = 2
SEM HP = 3
MINI = 5
AUX 1 =6
AUX 2 =7

For units withSEM and MINI: 1234513524153125
For units with SEM, MINI and AUX1: 1234564251361425
For units with SEM, MINI, AUX1 and AUX2: 1357462514273617

The 4 voice version is configured as a 4 input or quad filterbank.“


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