Sync and stop (!) the TR’s and TB’s with ShuffleBox

ShuffleBox is a device to sync drummachines & TB303’s and to punch in again right in sync. It’s a bit like the Mungosync (available via Schneidersbüro, Berlin) here’s how it works

This is a MIDI to DIN Sync interface that adds shuffle to old machines & sequencers like TB-303,TR-606,TR-808,MC-202,… Input can be MIDI or DIN, Output is MIDI & DIN timing shuffled. The shuffle amount can be adjusted with the potentiometer. The interface also has a Start/Stop button to stop and restart the synced device without losing synchronization. In this video you can see a modified 606 with internal shuffle (see my other videos) and an ML-303 (DIY TB-303 clone). The electronics inside the box will be available as a DIY kit for about 40-50€

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Shufflebox von in deutsch..

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