Synth Repair – Synthesizer Reparatur Liste

1-5 Aktuelle Liste Synthesizer-Reparatur / list of synth service people

6 Reparatur Listen:

7 Midifiers – who MIDIfies my Synth/Drummachine (Hardware)?

  • MIDI for / für TR808, special yamaha cs-series midi-interface (needs very special characteristics!) at

midifizierung für die CS-serie, wegen sehr spezieller charakteristik bei: – EES Thomas Wieschiolek, Kolberger Str 2, D-23879 Moelln, Germany

  • Doepfer – mcv4 & mcv24 very good and cheap interfaces for

günstige interfaces für: V/Oct or Hz/Oct. Synth (Korg Ms20, Moog s-trigger, Roland v-trigger, Sequential etc..)

  • Kovari (moved to the UK, but quiet atm – wonderful kits for Jupiter 4, Promars and Junos with full MIDI Controller support and additional functions (not the Juno one) like extra LFO etc.

people who help to implant it? just see above! more under MIDI / Midi Basics / Analoge Steuerspannung

8 Chips: DSP, Curtis, SSM, ..

–> Chips in Synthesizers

9 Parts + Manuals

see DIY

10 Replacements

Analogue Replacement Kits – like restoring the Juno60’s knobs etc..
NOT checked for quality:

11 EPROM brennen / burn EPROMs

System Updates? Synth OS? wenn du das als Datei hast, kannst du das hier machen lassen

see DIY also..
more / mehr Synthesizer_Repair

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