Synton Syrinx – the synthesizer from the netherlands

synton syrinx
most are black.. but there are some blue, red, possibly some „lila“ ones, too .. and it has a strange controller „mod pad“
300 were made by Synton (Felix Visser, Marc Paping and Bert
Vermeulen) in Holland even keyless expanders in the 90ies.all pictures and sounds thanks to

click to enlarge!! you will not regret it!!..
the filters and filter routings are very special –>

listen to the filter and Osc sound..:
syrinx.mp3 syrinx1.mp3 syrinx2.mp3 syrinx3.mp3 syrinxosc.mp3

and it still can sound different than these demos ;)
it has osc sync (hard and soft) ->> pulse/saw (hard/soft)
the controllers are quite special „plate layers“ that can be pressed to mod the pitch of each VCO or both (not when in sync/softsync).
also: you can control VCF or/and the VCA by those 2 „pads“..
also attack and decay of LFO2..(yes there is an ENV for the LFO)
so it is s a double pressure sensitive touch pad
controling other functions: the waveform for
so there is plenty of routing.. anyway there are limtis eg: lfo2 is hard wired to the filter, the 2BPFs can not be CV’ed by the LFO/ADSR mod.(means independly from the main filter mod)
the LFO mod on peak can be inverted (to the LFO mod on cutoff)
so it is a quite flexible unusual synth. it is not THE bass synth, but it can do, of course.. for it’s filter setup is interesting for larynx-like sounds..

the only dutch synth (beside a modular system and solina SE / eminent) is the Synton Syrinx. it is basically a 2 VCO synth with 2 ENVs (adsr type) and (thats THE special for an analogue synth):
3 Filters, they can be routed in 4 different ways (parallel / serial etc..)
synton syrinx synthesizer
synton syrinx synthesizer filter
synton syrinx synthesizer
synton syrinx synthesizer
synton syrinx synthesizer
SyntonSynton Synth overview / überblick..

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