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Happy Knobbing Modular Meeting 2016 – Jams 1-3

..finde & see all the images & videos here.. here’s the first batch of live jams from the Modular Meeting: 1) Worsel Strauss + Weinglas + Serge (Nicknames @ Forum) 2) Moogulator (6:32) 3) Feinstrom (13:36) Live Jam 01 @ Modular Synthesizer Meeting "Happy Knobbing" 2016Dieses Video auf YouTube ansehen Jams 2 – Live Jam 02 @ Modular Synthesizer Meeting Happy Knobbing 2016Dieses Video auf YouTube ansehen Jams 3 – Live Jam 03 at Modular Synthesizer Meeting "Happy Knobbing" 2016Dieses Video auf YouTube ansehen round trip – 24mins – uncommented Happy Knobbing…

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Elby Designs -> Serge Modular (Eurorack) = EuroSerge / X1L3 – Vevoyah Destroyer

Elby bringt laut Modulargrid ein Serge System in Eurorack-Größe: EuroSerge. Da wird auch über einen besonderen ersten Serge gesprochen, der „irgendwas kann“.. (Es gibt aber noch eine Alternative, randomsource.net/serge_euro Dazu hier ein paar Worte: Serge Modular lebt weiter in Random Source Modulen im 4 HE und Eurorack Format) elby-designs will release a full Serge Modular in euro rack format. they are not the first one and they refer to a first commercial serge, that the designer had which can do… something..? ..EuroSerge is a full, classic Serge Analog Modular Synthesizer, including the entire…

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Serge Shop – new panel and synth?

there’s a „new“ Serge coming up for $4600 (3740€) – it has some interesting modules to offer. Wilson Delay, there’s a dual slope generator (env), Crossfader, 3ple Waveshaper and the „new“ timbral oscillator along with a variable bandwidth VCF it’s called animate – maybe because the last and current one is „animal“ – needs a mate ;) Forum • neues Serge Shop-Panel.

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