TECUSB USB Breath Controller

TECUSB MIDI Breath Controller.it should be „USB-MIDI“ … is a very dongle’ish looking USB Stick which is in fact the „replacement“ for Yamahas BC3, they (Tecusb) say. they got a new algorithm, and .. well – it’s better than everything.

this is for computers, not for synths, so – it’s not exatly a replacement, but saves MIDI-Interface connection and possibly works fine, I did not has my lips on it so far.
it is NOT meant to be plugged to MIDI Synths but to the computer since synth would need a translation device from USB to MIDI.

most of what I could say is easily said by this image:

USB Breath Controller
USB Breath Controller

it’s 100€ plus VAT (which is at 25% in the EU)..


Neuer Breathcontroller?

Der neue USB Breath Controller hier soll einen tollen neuen Algorithmus im Blut, also im .. wo auch immer.. Prozessor sein und ist grade mal so groß wie ein USB Stick mit Schlauch. Für Computermusiker perfekt, weil man sich das MIDI Interface spart..

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