Tom Oberheim – more SEM models and no more dogs – And Sequencer till End 2009

Tom already announced the production of new SEMs, but there will be MIDI and „bare“ ones without anything like the original for 599 Dollars, which may end up in 599€ over here? Anyway the Dog dissapeared and there’s a very nice big shot of the new SEM.


It’s alive! The Oberheim MIDI SEM. Click to see it up close.


Click to see my talk at the at the recent Red Bull Music Academy in Boston.

* SEM with MIDI input and MIDI to CV routing panel (as shown in above photo): $899

* SEM with patch panel connections to internal inputs and outputs (no MIDI input, same as above photo but left panel controls are replaced by CV/gate/audio I/O patch panel): $749

* Basic SEM module with front panel (no case or power supply, good for drop-in replacement of original SEM): $599

looks fair to me. Send him a mail to order one!

Dead Presidents Society.(that’s the title of his site at I like it.

In Diskussion im Forum: Erster ungelesener Beitrag Tom Oberheim plant neuen Synth

almost „modular“- these are CVable:

A1 VCO 1 – External Modulation Input
A2 VC0 1 – Sawtooth Waveform Output
A3 VCO 1 – Pulse Waveform Output
B1 VCO 1 – Control Voltage #1 Input
B2 Ground
B3 VCO 1 – Control Voltage #2 Input
C1 VCO 1 – Sync Output Output
C2 Ground
C3 VCO 1 – Sync Input Input
D1 VCO 2 – Control Voltage #1 Input
D2 Ground
D3 VCO 2 – Control Voltage #2 Input
E1 VCO 2 – External Modulation Input
E2 VC0 2 – Sawtooth Waveform Output
E3 VCO 2 – Pulse Waveform Output
F1 VCO 2 – Sync Output Output
F2 VCA – Control Input Input
F3 VCO 2 – Sync Input Input
G1 LFO Trigger Input
G2 Ground
G3 LFO Waveform Output
H1 VCF – Control Voltage #1 Input
H2 VCF – Control Voltage #2 Input
H3 VCF – External Modulation Input
I1 VCA Output Output
I2 Ground
I3 Output Amplifier Input Input
J1 VCF – HiPass Signal Output
J2 Ground
J3 VCF – Bandpass Signal Output
K1 Selected VCF Response Output
K2 Ground
K3 VCF – LowPass Signal Output
L1 External Audio Input #1 Input
L2 Ground
L3 External Audio Input #1 Input
M1 External Audio Input #2 Input
M2 Ground
M3 External Audio Input #2 Input
X1 ENV 1 – Output Output
X2 ENV 1 – Gate Input
X3 ENV 1 – Trigger Input
Y1 ENV 2 – Output Output
Y2 ENV 2 – Gate Input
Y3 ENV 2 – Trigger Input
Z1 +18 Volts Input
Z2 Ground
Z3 Ground
Z4 -18 Volts Input

And I really like this from Tom:

A really cool mini-sequencer is in the design stage but will not be
available until the end of the year because I have to get some SEMs done!

Deutscher Vertrieb ist auch in Verhandlung! Forum Info: Seite 5

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