Apple Logic Pro 9 is coming! But it’s Intel only and Leopard only! Leopardenzwang!

200 new features coming with the new Apple Logic 9.

but it needs leopard and intel mac. not so cool. need to buy new.

Minimum requirements to install all applications

update: the G5 will work, too – läuft doch auf dem G5 Powermac

  • Mac computer with an Intel processor
  • 1GB of RAM (2GB or more highly recommended)
  • Display with 1280-by-800 or higher resolution
  • Mac OS X v10.5.7 or later
  • QuickTime 7.6 or later
  • DVD drive for installation
  • PCI Express, ExpressCard/34, USB or FireWire-based audio interface recommended
  • Upgrade from/von Logic Pro or/oder Logic Studio* – Deutsch 199,00 €!!

This is nice.. alon with Amp Simulation – Not really what I was searching for, but well..
Amp Designer
Build your dream rig by mixing and matching 25 amps, 25 speaker cabinets and 3 mics you can position freely around the speaker cone. Hear it now


Fire up 30 stompboxes that deliver lush effects like Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Treble Boost and Wah. Hear it now

The really hard-to-map EXS gets a bump – adds slices like others do / did..

Convert to Sampler Track

In one step, turn an audio region into a sampler instrument with a MIDI track to trigger it. Then you can modify and resequence the part.

This Flex Tools stuff – sounds interesting and jumping on the Ableton Bandwaggon – or the Cubase 5 one?..

Flex Tool

The new Flex Tool lets you push audio around with your mouse by clicking and dragging anywhere on the waveform — forget all that tedious splicing and editing.

this works like the warp markers, but a bit smoother, so it seems?.. have a look at the video on apples site..

Audio Quantize

It’s not just for MIDI anymore. Now you can conform the timing of an audio region to a musical grid, or to the feel of another track, instantly correcting a performance.

also very cool to have warp markers now.

Editing drum tracks

Use Slicing Mode with drums and you won’t compromise a single attack. Edit across a set of grouped multitrack drums and everything stays locked perfectly in phase.


Slow down or speed up an entire multitrack project effortlessly, whether you want to try out different tempos or take it slow while you play a difficult solo.

so this is the same as in live – THANK YOU.

Drum Replacer

Now you can replace or double less-than-perfect drum tracks with triggered samples in just a few clicks. No more headaches. No more hassles.

this checks for sound or no sound and adds sounds, in this case from the lib, maybe you can choose your own (I assume you can).

this one looks like a must have. it makes me not to look that much at live & cubase 5 that much about audio.

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