Top20 Extra Bits Video (the sonicstate best synth of all time)

People talking about synths that did not make it into the top20 video series..


What kind of thing?
Well, there’s Roger O’Donnel on how to blag an M1 (only works if you happen to be keyboard player with Britain’s number one goth band); Dave Smith on Eno and the Prophet 5; Will Gregory on Goldfrapp and the VCS3; Ade Utley on Mini Moog farts and Nick Batt on his journey through Leytonstone in search of an MS10. By the way you’ll be relieved to here that Nick’s Mum now owns a very nice car. (bashed up white Ford Fiesta actually! – Nick)
There’s also a series of out takes which mainly feature the Professor corpsing over the ‚rather amusing‘ script (as it has been called in several blogs).

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