Modular Meeting – Side-Tip – Touchpad Mercurial STC1000

on the Modular Meeting ACA had a nice Controller with 2D Pad, the Mercurial STC1

It’s basically a 2D Pad which has subzones to be used as switches or as Pad-in-Pad..

Dieses Teil hatte ACA auf dem Modular Meeting und es ist nicht übel, wie man sieht kann das Pad nochmal unterteilt werden, die Software scheint ein Schwachpunkt zu sein (siehe Shots unten) und nur für PCs, was nicht wirklich cool ist.. Aber der Controller selber ist cool. Dort ist auch die Rede von „Mac coming soon“..


the only odd thing is: It is PC only, there is no Mac Software to set it up, but it sends and receives Midi.. So once Progged you can use it on any Gear and one can set it up ith a Mac using Bootcamp and XP.. Well and it must be shipped from the USA, so it is not cheap for us.. the site says „Mac coming soon“, so maybe this isn’t bad..


Features copy & pasted:
Kinotex© NTP-01 Touch Surface
MIDI in MIDI out
9V Power Supply
Power on/off switch
Encoded preset selection knob
Backlit Alphanumeric LCD
Memory for 1-16 pre-programmed control presets
Aluminum top and solid metal construction
Elegant and rugged design
Supports multi zone (up to 16 zones) parameter control
Supports multi zone (up to 9 zones) percussion
Sensitivity 0.9 oz (.25n) of pressure
Dynamic Range .. Linear, 128 step


Windows version available now… Mac version coming soon.


Minimum System Requirements

300 MGHz processor, 128 MB RAM, 15MB HD space, color graphics controller

Operating System: Windows XP, XP Home, Windows 2000, NT

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