Virus TI OS Update… @

About TIOS upgrade

2.7.2 is a feature and maintenance release and is recommended for every Virus TI owner.

-IN: Vocoder and input patch examples added to default patch set midi files

-VC: Part Priority can be set now in Virus Control

-VC: Patch Volume and Panorama can be automated now

-CC: Backup was broke in version 2.7.1 beta 5

-HI: Multi mode parameters were unaccessable when in sequencer mode (TI Snow only)

-HI: Exporting single sounds from multi works again

-VC: Numeric value input improved

-CC: More robust against data transmission failures

-CC: More visual feedback when task complete

-HI: There is a Master Tune Parameter available in the CONFIG-Menu now.

-HI: Visual feedback when resetting Virus TI Snow

-HI: EASY Filter Page works as expected now, when Cutoff-Link is set to „Off“

-HI: improved display of simultaneous knob movements

-HI: Randomize trigger function now availiable in Snow

-HI: Atomizer-Play-Page keys don’t produce stuck notes

-CC: Greatly improved speed of backup functionality

-SI: Fixed crash in mac installer caused if user attempted to re-enter firmware update pane

-CC: Hang fixed in burn to ROM screen

Virus TI OS Update… @

via Summa @ Forum.

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