Waldorf Rocket Synthesizer

Rocket is the name of a new square shaped synthesizer by Waldorf

it has a multimode filter (LPF, HPF, BPF),
Audio Demo by S.Trippler (via Forum, http://www.trippler.net/files/rocket/confettibomber.mp3 )

OSC with Square and Sawtooth waveforms and Hard Sync – up to 8 detuned unisono oscs and sync sound via the 1-8 oscs..
Waldorf Rocket (built 2013) – Hybrid Synthesizer

Waldorf Rocket synthesizer

Waldorf Rocket - Confetti Bomber

an LFO that is also an Arpeggiator (Clock) with 3 Waveforms

Decay Envelope and Switches for Sustain and Release
Boost for more aggrssive sounds.

Unison means up to 8 tunable OSCs (they are indipendent) – so you can set them to form chords or sound like „supersaw“. it’s Paraphonic

with MIDI and USB

ext. PSU – or powered via USB. (no need for mac/pc to work with it, just in case …)
Forum:  Waldorf Rocket
durch drehen eines reglers lassen sich die 8 osc. gegeneinander verstimmen (supersaw). dreht man den regler ganz auf, reagiert jeder oszillator unabhängig auf midi noten. die nennen das verwirrenderweise „unisono“

-> 200-240€ – made in germany


Rocket Synthesizer Waldorf Music

inside the Rocket via Tsching (Forum Page 10)
waldorf rocket inside

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